Monday, 29 February 2016

House Spirit Day/Bubble Bubble, toil and trouble

Here we are in our house colours!
We loved playing games in our houses and joining our team mates for a parade around the school field. The chants were wild and the mascots looked great.

It was a hot and fun filled day for Room 10. We took advantage of the sunshine and blew bubbles outside. There was a variety of wands to try, some we blew through, others we pushed through the air. As you can imagine, there was lots of giggling and a little bit of frustration when the bubbles did not last!
Lots of lovely language came out of this experience, which we used to create some bubble poems.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Happy Birthday Meadow!

Meadow proudly arrived at school today with a fantastic cake (which may or may not have been made by Dad!) to share with her classmates.
After singing Happy Birthday Meadow handed out slabs of cake to everyone. The manners were divine!
Meadow and her family were very thoughtful as they had brought in some gummy lollies and teddy biscuits for those of us who didn't/or couldn't eat cake.
Thanks for being a considerate friend Meadow!

1 - 3- 2010

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How Much is that Number Worth?

Today we did some revision on place value. The children have been working on identifying how much an actual number is worth and how this is made up.

To help us we played a game where we rolled the tens dice and the ones dice to create a two digit number.

The challenge was to make the number up using bundles of ten and then make the remaining ones.
It was a bit tricky managing the rubber bands but we did it. Our partner checked our number of tens and ones to make sure we were correct.

This activity encouraged us to see that ten ones are the same as a bundle of ten.
So we could make the connection between our models and how they are represented, we recorded what we did in symbols and words too!

Once we know this super well, we can solve larger number problems like...
54 + 32 by adding the tens: 50 + 30 = 80,  then the ones: 4 + 2 = 6 
80 + 6 = 86! 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Room 10 went visiting...

We took a hop, skip and jump over to Room 9 for some singing practice this afternoon. Gosh, Miss J has plenty of songs for us to sing!

We even got to squeeze in some maths by singing some skip counting songs. I think the two main favourites were... Little Rabbit Fou-Fou and Fish and Chips.

I was very impressed with Room 10's manners. They sat beautifully and all joined in. Kautoto and Malachai may have a future in music because their singing was awesome!

I am proud of you Room 10

Friday, 19 February 2016

Summer Flowers

Room 10 began creating some huge summer flowers this week. This connected nicely with the PB4L focus of following instructions because the children had to design a flower following my directions.
This was also an opportunity for us to learn how to change colours and avoid dripping paint on our work.
The children decided what colours to use. After they are dry we will be adding some black paint to outline the colours and some white paint to create patterns.

We were super lucky because Amin's mummy, Raiya came to help us. Thanks for your support Raiya!

We will be creating poems about summer to compliment our flowers.

My Buddy and Me

Drum roll please...
Our buddy class for the year is...Room 17!
We noticed that there were a lot of sisters/brothers and cousins in this class so it didn't take long to get to know one another.

To build friendships and problem solving skills, I set a task where the children had to work together to create a structure to catch a falling ball.
They were only allowed to use 6 bendy straws and a strip of tape.
It was interesting to see how some drew a design, others discussed ideas and some groups experimented with the materials right away.

We will continue to work on these next time our buddies come to see us. 

Introducing...My Family!

Our Family wall is gradually filling up. The children have enjoyed looking at and discussing what they see. We took the opportunity to share our families in small groups this week. Lily brought in a very special book about her summer holiday. Her talk helped the other children to share their favourite experiences with their families too.  Keep those photos rolling in!

Happy Birthday Raheesh

Raheesh turned the grand old age of 6 this week. Room 10 sang Happy Birthday and Miss Pulman gave him a balloon to take home. We celebrated with a delicious cake supplied by Raheesh's family.
Raheesh told us he was excited to get home and open some presents. I hope you enjoyed your evening Raheesh!

Tell Me About It

This week we have been focusing on how to retell storylines. We are moving on from simply recalling the main idea to covering more events and adding more detail. To do this we needed to think about how retelling is different to reading the story.
We also discovered what good retellers do. They...
-use pictures
-find key words
-retell to a partner -
-go back and re-read if we are unsure.

To help us keep on track we used some cards which you can see above. We got into pairs and practised reading a page, then retelling it in our own words.

Hockey by Golly

Hockey by Golly!

Room 10 began their sessions with the Counties/Manukau Hockey reps this week. First of all we learnt how to hold the stick on the ground.

               NOT THIS WAY ROOM 10!                

   Now we have got it. Check out the correct hand placement!

Our coach taught us how to control the ball by dribbling it across the courts, stopping the ball and turning the ball around our bodies without letting it get away.

We got a chance to perfect our skills by playing a game. 

Miss Pulman soon realised she had some competitive children in her class!
I wonder what we will be learning about next week?

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Here's Looking at You, Kid!

Here's looking at you kid!

Today we began creating our self portraits.  We looked at each other to help us recognise our eye and hair colour. 
Then we did some tricky cutting to create our head and neck.
When the paint came out so did lots of eager faces! We leant how to shape our shoulders and create patterns.
As this was drying we practised folding paper and drawing our own eye shapes. the children checked the size by pressing their paper eyes over their real ones and asking a friend for feedback.
They loved creating long eyelashes.
The challenging part was trying hard to keep the paint in the right place, without dripping or dragging our sleeves across the page. This is a work in progress!

Here are some photos of our efforts.

We still need to add our noses, mouths and hair. 
To be continued...

Friendship Pie

Friendship Pie

To support Week One's PB4L focus on making friends Room 10 did some thinking about what makes a good friend and what kind of friend they thought they were

We watched a story called 'Enemy Pie' ( available at which featured two boys making friends- with a little help from Dad, in a surprising way.

This got us thinking about what we could put into our friendship pie.

Here are Room 10's ingredients

Of course this lead to making a friendship pie of our own and share it with another person in the class.

We learnt how to make a base and cut strips of pastry to make a lattice type topping.
There was a slight disaster as Miss Pulman left the peaches at home, thankfully we had enough berries to fill our pies.
We collaborated well to ensure we all had enough dough and toppings

Into the oven they went. The classroom smelled so good other children were creeping inside for some valuable crumbs!

Once cooled, the children decided who they would give their pie too.
It was lovely to hear good manners
and see berry faces!!

All about me maths

All About Me Maths

As  a way of getting to know each other we made a maths wheel and wrote down mathematical facts about ourselves. Here are some of the ideas we came up with

  • My letter box number is...
  • My favourite number is....
  • I have .....pets and my friend has ......pets. I have .....more/less pets than my friend
  • My father's age is......minus my age....... equals ......
  • The tooth fairy gave me......
Here are some examples of our work