Thursday, 11 February 2016

Friendship Pie

Friendship Pie

To support Week One's PB4L focus on making friends Room 10 did some thinking about what makes a good friend and what kind of friend they thought they were

We watched a story called 'Enemy Pie' ( available at which featured two boys making friends- with a little help from Dad, in a surprising way.

This got us thinking about what we could put into our friendship pie.

Here are Room 10's ingredients

Of course this lead to making a friendship pie of our own and share it with another person in the class.

We learnt how to make a base and cut strips of pastry to make a lattice type topping.
There was a slight disaster as Miss Pulman left the peaches at home, thankfully we had enough berries to fill our pies.
We collaborated well to ensure we all had enough dough and toppings

Into the oven they went. The classroom smelled so good other children were creeping inside for some valuable crumbs!

Once cooled, the children decided who they would give their pie too.
It was lovely to hear good manners
and see berry faces!!


  1. They look so yummy! Hope's mummy would love the recipe :)

  2. Sure, I adapted it from the following website
    We used store bought sweet crust pastry and frozen berries ( Orchard Gold brand)
    The children pressed the dough into the bottom and side of the muffin tray
    Then they added a tablespoon of fruit
    Next they pressed some more dough flat and cut strips to place on top of the pies
    We baked that at 220 degrees celsius for around 10- 15 minutes. They seemed to bake quite quickly, so I would check on them a few times!
    Thanks for your reply!

  3. Lily loved recounting this learning experience with me again Miss Pulman. She told me all about the berries and how delicious the 'friendship pies' were. What a great way to learn about making friends - how clever are you and Room 10!