Thursday, 11 February 2016

Here's Looking at You, Kid!

Here's looking at you kid!

Today we began creating our self portraits.  We looked at each other to help us recognise our eye and hair colour. 
Then we did some tricky cutting to create our head and neck.
When the paint came out so did lots of eager faces! We leant how to shape our shoulders and create patterns.
As this was drying we practised folding paper and drawing our own eye shapes. the children checked the size by pressing their paper eyes over their real ones and asking a friend for feedback.
They loved creating long eyelashes.
The challenging part was trying hard to keep the paint in the right place, without dripping or dragging our sleeves across the page. This is a work in progress!

Here are some photos of our efforts.

We still need to add our noses, mouths and hair. 
To be continued...

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