Friday, 19 February 2016

Hockey by Golly

Hockey by Golly!

Room 10 began their sessions with the Counties/Manukau Hockey reps this week. First of all we learnt how to hold the stick on the ground.

               NOT THIS WAY ROOM 10!                

   Now we have got it. Check out the correct hand placement!

Our coach taught us how to control the ball by dribbling it across the courts, stopping the ball and turning the ball around our bodies without letting it get away.

We got a chance to perfect our skills by playing a game. 

Miss Pulman soon realised she had some competitive children in her class!
I wonder what we will be learning about next week?


  1. Lily is telling me tonight that the 'dribbling' was quite tricky at first, but then everyone got the 'hang of it'. I can tell by all the big smiles that this was some fantastic learning and great fun. You have had a busy couple of weeks Room 10. Ka Pai.

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  3. So stoked they get this opportunity to learn a new sport!

  4. The hockey must have been great fun.good work room 10!

  5. Thank your for your lovely comments! Awesome to see you are checking out the site!