Thursday, 11 February 2016

Read all about it!

Read All About It!

 Over the past few weeks we have been revising what good readers do to work out tricky words. This involves combining several strategies to ensure we understand what we read.
The children were very keen to show me what they could do. We discovered  breaking sounds into chunks and checking for clues in the pictures were the two most consistently used strategies in Rom 10.
Considering what sounds right and going back to beginning of the sentence to re-read were the two we need to build on.

It was great to hear some expressive reading and insightful comments about the storylines too. Well done Room 10!

One of the follow up reading tasks we tried, involved using some descriptive words to describe the witch from the story 'Number One' by Joy Cowley.
We used our prior knowledge about witches, the detailed pictures and what the witch did in the story to make a list of adjectives.
This activity encourages children to think about the characters and use more descriptive vocabulary in their stories.
We enjoyed making the witch look as ugly and mean as we could!

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