Saturday, 19 March 2016

Presenting and Playing


As part of  curriculum expectations in listening and talking, we encourage children to present their ideas in front of the class. We teach them how to...
-stand straight and look at the audience
-use a clear and audible speaking voice
-answer questions
Amin brought his soft toy seal in to share with the class this morning. The children all got a chance to feel the soft, fluffy fur.
Amin enjoyed answering some insightful questions from the class. Well done Amin, for talking in front of the class. They enjoyed hearing your stories!


Some of the children are lucky enough to benefit from our music tutors who take them out for music lessons during the week.
Here in Room 10 we are naturally curious. So when Peter brought out his ukulele, we wanted to hear the notes he has been learning to play.
He played for us as we finished off our writing task for the day.
It was fun grooving with you Peter!

Ryan is Six!

Ryan was the most popular boy in the land when he brought in some lovely cupcakes to celebrate his sixth birthday on Friday.

We sang Happy Birthday with much gusto (and one eye on the cakes). Peter ensured everyone had clean hands by handing out the tissues. Thanks Peter!

Ryan chose people to come and get a cupcake which they gladly accepted.

We hope you had a great time at your Superhero themed party this weekend Ryan!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Building Bridges

Did you know that Reremoana has developed their own Languages of Learning?

They are
Connecting  Collaboration  Be Creative  Be Resilient   Question  Reflect

We are working on Collaboration. A great one to enhance social skills and positive work relationships within the classroom.

In Room 10 we have collaborative groups which are used to develop team work skills. Today the children were set a challenge where they had to work together to make a bridge out of a limited supply of materials.
These were: gum drops, toothpicks, ice block sticks and two rubber bands

The children designed their bridge for a plastic figurine to cross over. They had to work out the lengths and width of their bridge and how best to use the materials.

Most children drew their design first. There was lots of vigorous debates over who would play what role in the construction of the bridge and how to agree on the best design.

We decided it was best to try different methods and decide which one worked best. Luckily we did gain some clues from watching The Magic School Bus episode on construction!

A you can see we all came up with different designs. We did experience a few collapses, but a little bit of reflection and adjustment worked wonders.
The children really enjoyed the task and it did expose them to problem solving and learning to be diplomatic too!!

P.S We did enjoy a sweet after all our hard work, especially Lily, who I sincerely hope ate her vegetables tonight...

Saturday, 5 March 2016

More Hockey Hoopla

Here we go again!
Even though we were in the hall, the carpet didn't stop the ball from rolling!

We had had a more few opportunities to perfect our eye-hand coordination  and competitive spirit
(which is alive and well, I can tell you!)

First of all we got into teams of four and showed our coach how well we could hold our hockey sticks. Then we practiced hitting the ball to our team mates.

Then we got to try our new skills in a game situation. Our coach sparred with some of us to sharpen our passing skills.

Some of us tried goal keeping, we liked to do this in pairs!

It was a great way to develop about one of our languages of learning - collaboration. as we had to work together to get those goals!
Super work Room 10!!

Tints & Shades

These black and white cats inspired by artist, Laurel Burch.
We started with a simple line drawing in oil pastel and then mixed paint to get various shades of grey.
Initially it was challenging ensuring all our cats were big enough to paint. After a few attempts we managed to fIll most of the space on the page!
This was an opportunity for us to listen carefully to instructions and to explore what happens when you mix black and white together! 
We also added some yellow to our paintings too.
After these have dried, we will be adding some pastel to enhance the patterns we have made.
Next week we aim to complete these, so stayed tuned.
I am sure Gareth Morgan would approve of these cats - they will not be eating any wildlife!!