Saturday, 19 March 2016

Presenting and Playing


As part of  curriculum expectations in listening and talking, we encourage children to present their ideas in front of the class. We teach them how to...
-stand straight and look at the audience
-use a clear and audible speaking voice
-answer questions
Amin brought his soft toy seal in to share with the class this morning. The children all got a chance to feel the soft, fluffy fur.
Amin enjoyed answering some insightful questions from the class. Well done Amin, for talking in front of the class. They enjoyed hearing your stories!


Some of the children are lucky enough to benefit from our music tutors who take them out for music lessons during the week.
Here in Room 10 we are naturally curious. So when Peter brought out his ukulele, we wanted to hear the notes he has been learning to play.
He played for us as we finished off our writing task for the day.
It was fun grooving with you Peter!


  1. I would love to hear you play your ukulele Peter! My Dad is an awesome ukulele player. Ms Fothergill

  2. Come over to the office and give us a concert Peter! Ms F and I would love to hear you play.