Saturday, 9 April 2016

Come read with Me...

Room 18 - our buddy class came to visit this afternoon. Room 10 thought it would be nice to read our books to them. We quickly got into groups and found a quiet place to demonstrate our fluency skills.
Room 18 also read to us, which I must admit, Room 10 children simply love!

Thanks Room 18 for listening to us!

Diversity Day

Room 10 had no problem coming up with some great ways to show diversity. I particularly loved the range of hairstyles on display. There were children wearing clothes back to front, dressing up as people they admired and finding some rather crazy head gear. Love your hats Sam and Abbey!
Thank you parents for taking the time to celebrate with us in this way!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Miss Pulman can retire now...

Miss Pulman could have gone and enjoyed a cup of tea this afternoon because Chaska had the teaching covered!

As we have been celebrating diversity this week I thought it would be nice for Room 10 to learn to speak some words in a different language. This was a great opportunity for Chaska to teach us how pronounce the colours in Spanish.

She came up the front and read out the words and then we had a try. Chaska was very good at giving us feedback on how well we were pronouncing the words!
We learned that the letter j is pronounced as an 'h' sound in words such as  red /rojo.
The trickest word to say was  anaranjado/orange. We need some more practise with that!

Here are the words we learned














Thank you for your expertise Chaska!

Chaska said there were variations for some colour names too.

Happy Birthday Lily!

The fun never stops! Straight on the heels of the Easter break, we had Lily celebrating her sixth birthday with us.

She shared her new toy dog called Penny which Miss Pulman enjoyed patting.

Lily brought in some sweets for us to take home. She made sure we all waited patiently before handing them out.  Thanks for helping us with our manners Lily!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

News time

Room 10 aways have a lot to say, so we chose to share news using a new system called doughnuts.
We sit in two circles, one outer and one inner, like a doughnut.
The children face one another and share news for five minutes.
Then the outer circle people move along to a new partner and share their news.

This is a great way for the children to get to know one another instead of talking to the same people all the time.
They also learn about taking turns, asking questions and sharing ideas.

Well done Room 10!

Easter Fun!

During Easter week we had fun making Easter cards, bunny biscuits and bunny baskets.

The children learnt how to follow instructions to create their crafts. This involved quite a lot of problem solving, especially  ensuring the tabs stayed on and the folding was crisp and sharp!

The overall favourite was the bunny biscuits, so simple, yet effective, and delicious too! 

 These hopped, hopped, hopped into our mouths pretty fast!

Here we have Chaska modelling her Easter Bunny card and basket.

We were super lucky to have Room 13 visit to read their Easter Bunny poems to us. Thanks ever so much Room 13!