Saturday, 2 April 2016

Easter Fun!

During Easter week we had fun making Easter cards, bunny biscuits and bunny baskets.

The children learnt how to follow instructions to create their crafts. This involved quite a lot of problem solving, especially  ensuring the tabs stayed on and the folding was crisp and sharp!

The overall favourite was the bunny biscuits, so simple, yet effective, and delicious too! 

 These hopped, hopped, hopped into our mouths pretty fast!

Here we have Chaska modelling her Easter Bunny card and basket.

We were super lucky to have Room 13 visit to read their Easter Bunny poems to us. Thanks ever so much Room 13!

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  1. I can testify to the fact that these biscuits were delicious - you are so lucky to have such a clever and creative teacher Room 10.