Sunday, 22 May 2016

Cumpleanos Felis

Cumpleanos Felis  means Happy Birthday in Spanish!

It was Valeria's 7th ( siete) birthday today. We were very lucky because Valeria's mummy brought in a huge cake for us to eat. It was even double layered with a caramel centre!

We played Happy Birthday in Spanish and tried to sing along. Valeria's mummy showed us a website where we could watch and listen to a Spanish children's programme.

Valeria looked extremely happy to celebrate at school.

We hope you have a great day Valeria!!

You are....guapa ( beautiful...I think I got that right!)
A great big gracias for Yareni, Valeria's mummy, for all her hard work!!

Here is the  website for singing Happy Birthday in Spanish. Have a go!

Friday, 20 May 2016

Farewell Antonio

Our friend Antonio celebrated his last day at Reremoana  by making some Minecraft themed biscuits with Room 10.
He told us he was going to live in India with his family. He was looking forward to making new friends in his old school and catching up with his grandparents too.

We will miss you encyclopedic knowledge of everything Minecraft and your long shoe laces too!

Busy Bees

 This week we have been learning about insects, especially bees.

Mrs Liddel came in to share with us her experiences as a bee keeper.  We learned a lot about the different kinds of bees there are and the different roles they have. The children asked plenty of questions, especially about why bee keepers wear special clothes and the differences between wasps and bees.
Mrs Liddel also told us how wasps sometimes come into the hive and eat bees if they cannot find any other food.
We found out that bees eat sugar water and have small wings to help them move around and into the flowers to collect pollen.
We were most surprised to discover that bees communicate through performing different dances!

We used the i-pads to find some facts about bees and then wrote them down on post-its. Next we pasted our notes under headings such as habitat, diet, what bees do, and appearance.
This helped us to organise our thoughts before writing our reports on bees.

We managed to include lots of facts about bees! We are working on publishing these next week.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Statistics in Room 10

Over the past 3 weeks we have been working on how to collect, display, and interpret data.

We talked about why this was an important for companies such as toy stores and ice cream factories to know what people like/ don't like, so they could meet the needs of their customers.

We have spent time collecting and displaying information in different ways.
- tally marks
- pictographs
- bar graphs

One of our favourites was finding out how many chips were in one of the multi pack bags.
Each child got a chip packet and used tally marks to calculate how many - we didn't count the crumbs or the ones which 'accidentally' fell into our mouths!
Then we  displayed our results as a bar graph. We discovered that on average there are 27 chips in a small multi pack bag.

We also made some pictographs on our birthdays, where we found out information such as:
- who is the oldest/youngest?
-which month has the most birthdays?
-which month has the least birthdays?
-which month(s) has more birthdays than May?

Room 10 worked on what our favourite shoes and sports were. They interviewed, collected and displayed the information independently.
Aren't we clever!!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Somebody Stop Me!!!!!

Room 10 have been doing some much needed revision on using capital letters and full stops in our writing.
A fun way to remember is to think of the capital letter and the full stop as being the best of friends.
If the full stop is not next to a capital letter ,he starts crying!

Now room 10 doesn't like anybody crying so this is what we did...

We reviewed what simple sentences need to have. A noun, a verb, an idea, a capital letter & full stop.
Once the idea is finished a full stop is required. Then a capital for a new idea.

We read an extract from one of our writing books and decided where the sentences ended and began. We then played the 'crying' full stop stickers ( pink ones) in. Then we changed the lower case letters to capital letters.
Then we could take out the 'crying' ones and replace with happy full stops ( green ones)!

Once we got the hang of it, we got into pairs and worked with a partner to right the wrongs of the punctuation community.

I think we did a pretty good job!

We also used punctuation mime to help us identify where capital letters and full stops go.
Here are the mimes below.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Diversity Day

Look at us in our finery!

A big thank you to all families for making such as effort sending food and dressing us  for our diversity day!
It was great to chat to each other about our costumes, foods and cultures. We also managed to watch a video on how to make sushi.
There was plenty of sticky hands as we smoothed out rice onto the seaweed (nori) and chose what fillings we would like to eat.
The tricky part was rolling the sushi together so the filling didn't fall out!
That was a real learning curve for us all.
Have a look at our efforts...

We also had plenty of other foods to choose from. Chaska's mother brought in some special biscuits she had made. They were full of spicy deliciousness! We even had a go at reading  the dutch words from the recipe, it was quite tricky!
Amin's mother brought in some special food which was wrapped in special leaves. It was very tasty!
We also had good old marmite sandwiches, jelly, chips, home made muffins and cookies and some yummy mini pavlovas too! We were very spoilt and full!