Friday, 20 May 2016

Busy Bees

 This week we have been learning about insects, especially bees.

Mrs Liddel came in to share with us her experiences as a bee keeper.  We learned a lot about the different kinds of bees there are and the different roles they have. The children asked plenty of questions, especially about why bee keepers wear special clothes and the differences between wasps and bees.
Mrs Liddel also told us how wasps sometimes come into the hive and eat bees if they cannot find any other food.
We found out that bees eat sugar water and have small wings to help them move around and into the flowers to collect pollen.
We were most surprised to discover that bees communicate through performing different dances!

We used the i-pads to find some facts about bees and then wrote them down on post-its. Next we pasted our notes under headings such as habitat, diet, what bees do, and appearance.
This helped us to organise our thoughts before writing our reports on bees.

We managed to include lots of facts about bees! We are working on publishing these next week.

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