Monday, 2 May 2016

Diversity Day

Look at us in our finery!

A big thank you to all families for making such as effort sending food and dressing us  for our diversity day!
It was great to chat to each other about our costumes, foods and cultures. We also managed to watch a video on how to make sushi.
There was plenty of sticky hands as we smoothed out rice onto the seaweed (nori) and chose what fillings we would like to eat.
The tricky part was rolling the sushi together so the filling didn't fall out!
That was a real learning curve for us all.
Have a look at our efforts...

We also had plenty of other foods to choose from. Chaska's mother brought in some special biscuits she had made. They were full of spicy deliciousness! We even had a go at reading  the dutch words from the recipe, it was quite tricky!
Amin's mother brought in some special food which was wrapped in special leaves. It was very tasty!
We also had good old marmite sandwiches, jelly, chips, home made muffins and cookies and some yummy mini pavlovas too! We were very spoilt and full!

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  1. What a special day for you Room 10 - I loved looking at your sushi. You have a such a clever and committed teacher, lucky you!