Saturday, 7 May 2016

Statistics in Room 10

Over the past 3 weeks we have been working on how to collect, display, and interpret data.

We talked about why this was an important for companies such as toy stores and ice cream factories to know what people like/ don't like, so they could meet the needs of their customers.

We have spent time collecting and displaying information in different ways.
- tally marks
- pictographs
- bar graphs

One of our favourites was finding out how many chips were in one of the multi pack bags.
Each child got a chip packet and used tally marks to calculate how many - we didn't count the crumbs or the ones which 'accidentally' fell into our mouths!
Then we  displayed our results as a bar graph. We discovered that on average there are 27 chips in a small multi pack bag.

We also made some pictographs on our birthdays, where we found out information such as:
- who is the oldest/youngest?
-which month has the most birthdays?
-which month has the least birthdays?
-which month(s) has more birthdays than May?

Room 10 worked on what our favourite shoes and sports were. They interviewed, collected and displayed the information independently.
Aren't we clever!!

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