Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Collaboration Stations with Room 17

We are a lucky bunch here in Room 10!
Mrs Slee and Miss Pulman thought it would be a great idea for our two classes to collaborate on creating a keynote presentation.
Our tech experts ( that is Room 17 children) came over to Room 10 to show us how to create a presentation using a keynote. This involved learning how to:
- find the right icon
- create a text box
- write text
- bold or enlarge text
- search for a picture to support our sound focus ( long e sound - e, ee, ea)
- copy and paste picture into keynote
- highlight the long ee sound in the word

After our experts had taught us, Room 10 children had to follow the steps.

Miss Pulman never stops learning too!
Mrs Slee was my mentor.
We learned so much from our buddies. Thank you Room 17!!

Here are some examples of our keynote work

We plan on doing some more presentations to showcase our learning!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Hot Chocolate on P.J Day

The best way to celebrate the winter chills is by snuggling into a comfy pair of jammies and a cup of hot chocolate!

We looked at the ingredients and discussed the steps on how to make a hot chocolate ( with the adults in charge of the hot plates).

This is what we did

1. Write your name on your cup

2. Put a heaped teaspoonful of hot chocolate powder

3. Get an adult to heat around 300 mls of milk

4. Pour this onto the cup and stir until the powder is dissolved

5. Plop a couple of marshmallows in

6. Let Miss Pulman squirt the squishy cream on top

7. Make your self a milky moustache!!

Here we are enjoying our delicious drinks!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Swat a Fact

This is a great game which can be played in a variety of ways.
We use it to build our number knowledge and consolidate strategies. Here are some of the ways we play this game

Find me the answer to 17 + 3

Find me a teen number

Make me the number 389?

What number is double 8?

Make me the number that comes before 10, 45, 167, etc

Sometimes we take turns, other times we have a challenge between 2 people.

Please note: no flies were killed during this game!!

I'm Counting on You!

My Rectangles group have been working on counting on from the bigger number to solve addition problems such as 5 + 4 = 9
This involves...
holding the bigger number, (5) in our heads and counting on 6,7,8,9.
This is a more effective way of solving problems instead of counting from one!

We played a fun game to help us learn this strategy.
We got quicker the more turns we had. Some of us helped others by remembering to count on from the next number.
 Clever counting Rectangles!