Friday, 29 July 2016

What state are we in?

And so began our investigation into States of Matter, boldly going where man has definitely gone before, but not Room 10!!

We watched a cool song about States of Matter.
Have a look here:

Then we listened to a simple explanation on States of Matter

Check it out here

Then we had to think of examples of solids, liquids  and gases.

To help us understand the science, we played a game where Miss Pulman shouted out a solid, liquid or gas and we had to show what the particles were doing in a chosen state with our bodies

Have a look at us
Particles very close together: solids
Particles apart but close, make the shape of what they are in: liquids
Particles very far apart: gases

Here are the latest news headlines...

As part of learning to speak on topic and using a clear reading voice we tried a new idea.

During news time we were given a talking strip. It looked like this.

We got into pairs and took turns to share our news.
This exercise also helped us to structure our sentences and speak with greater formality. This will certainly support us when we read our speeches later on this term!

Who is that walking on my bridge?

Today we did something a little different for reading.
We listened to Miss Pulman as she retold the story of the Billy Goat's Gruff. She used different voices for the characters to make her presentation interesting and expressive. 

Now it was our turn to try.

We made a scene board complete with an arching bridge, then added the characters.
In pairs we told the story, using a mean and cruel voice for the troll, a teeny, tiny voice for the little goat, a sensible, clever voice for the big goat and a booming voice for the GREAT BIG BILLY GOAT GRUFF.

As you can see it was a lot of fun, we loved performing this at home too - or so they tell me!