Friday, 12 August 2016

Wear your seat belt before you hit the track!

Constable Gareth came to tell us about how to wear our seat belts correctly.
We looked at correct and incorrect ways to wear them. 
Constable Gareth measured us with his special seat belt height chart and wrote how tall we were.
We learned that you have to be at least 148cm tall to stop wearing a booster seat.
Everybody quickly worked out that we all have to remain booster seats for a while!

Hokey Pokey - What a Gas!

As part of our Science Rotation we are learning about the states of matter and how these can change depending on whether they are heated or cooled.

In Room 10 we decided to carry out an experiment.
We did what good scientists do by recoding our predictions before carrying out the experiment and then made observations during the process.

Here we are...

We measured our ingredients to ensure our experiment had the best chance of success.

We observed the changes we saw taking place before our eyes. The ingredients melted and bubbles were forming, once we added the baking soda we were surprised to see how much the mixture was expanding!

The Science: The bicarbonate of soda breaks down with heat to release carbon dioxide gas. The gas causes the sugar and syrup mixture froth and  bubble. The bubbles become trapped in the mixture and set there.

We also noticed a change once the hokey pokey had cooled. It changed into a hard and crunchy substance.

I wonder what new ideas we will explore during next week's rotation!