Saturday, 17 September 2016

Too Cute!

Sam and Jenny came to school with some very special visitors this week.
Here are some clues...

They have four furry legs

One twitchy nose

Two fluffy, floppy ears

Can you guess?

Thats right, rabbits!!

Jenny taught the children how to hold the rabbits carefully. We learned that a boy rabbit is called a buck, a girl rabbit is called a doe and a baby rabbit is called a kit.
Jenny told us that rabbits can have between 6 and 9 babies at a time! 

Once it was time for little rabbits to catch up on their beauty sleep, we completed a rabbit themed word find and watched some clips on youtube about rabbits. 
It was a 'hopping' good day!!

Room 10 says thank you for much Sam and Jenny for sharing your cute pets with us!


  1. They are so cute. You should have let me know they were here so I could have a cuddle. Lucky you.
    From Mrs Bennett

  2. We heard all about the special visitors in our house! How cute and teeny. I bet they have grown heaps. I like how everyone is being so careful with the babies. Well done Room 10 :-)
    Miss H

  3. That looks fun and they are cute