Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Beginnings and Endings of Things

Here in Room 10 we have been working on understanding the meanings of different prefixes.
This helps us to understand what we are reading and how to include these words in our story writing.

For example:

Re ( means to do again)

Re + read = reread  ( read that sentence again)

We found the prefix and the base word, then discussed how adding a prefix changes the meaning of the base word.

Lately we have also been looking at suffixes too.

For example:

ful ( full of)

cheer + ful = colour full ( full of good cheer)

Here is an activity we did to make the words. We needed to read out work back to check it made sense, then out some of these words into an oral sentence with a partner.

Fair Shares

Over the past week we have been working on identifying fractions of a region and learning how to make 'fair shares'

In pairs we had to work out how to cut  shapes into different parts to represent a given fraction.

First of all we found it challenging to make our parts an equal share and deciding the best way to cut up the shapes.

Once we tried to solve problems such as: There are 3 children who need to share a pizza. How many pieces will they get?

The children realised that the idea of a 'fair share' was extremely important!

This is how we did.

The children loved how they could quickly try out different ideas by rearranging the Playdough.
Great work reading the instructions independently and applying your problem solving skills Room 10!