Meet Miss Pulman

Here is a little bit about me...

Apart from a few years living  in Christchurch and Invercargill, (where I remember jumping up and down in front of the heater to keep warm!)  most of my childhood years were spent in Pakuranga living with my parents and two brothers.

I loved riding my bike, doing dares with my brothers 
(who usually won!), drawing tons of pictures for my appreciative family and making cool space ships out of Lego.

The most important movie in the universe was Star Wars- how cool is the Millennium Falcon! The best ever board game was Hungry Hippos and owning a pair of roller skates meant you were pretty cool amongst all the neighbourhood children.

Summer holidays were spent on our little trailer sailer called the Tuatahi. We fished off the side of the boat and on the rocks when Dad said yes. The dolphins used to swim along side the boat while we were sailing, once I even got to touch one!

After I finished school I worked in the clothing industry making patterns and costumes. I still like to sew in my spare time.

Then I decided, like many kiwis before me, to do my O.E in England. I trained as a nanny and worked with a lovely family with four busy children.  I also worked in preschools across the London area. I quickly realised that we are so lucky in New Zealand to have plenty of green space to run and play in!

I came back in 1997 and continued working as a Nanny and then in a preschool where I was head of the four year old children. This proved to be such a valuable time, working closely with children and families.
These experiences certainly prepared me for teaching in the primary sector. 

I got my teaching degree and began teaching in 2008. I have taught new entrants through to year three which, along with my experiences in early childhood, have provided me with an understanding of the social, emotional and learning needs of the children as they progress through the junior school.

Why did I become a teacher?

This is simple, I like children! They have their own way of looking at the world and they love fun. I also enjoy the variety which teaching provides, no day is the same. It is truly rewarding to see the progress and growth children make throughout the year, especially when they have found something challenging. 

I am looking forward to meeting you all and sharing your child's learning journey with you.

Joanne Pulman

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  1. Love this!!! Room 10 kiddies are so lucky to have you this year!